Classical Dance

Dance lessons consists of two sessions
1) 30 minutes of training in Bharathanatyam.
2) 30 minutes of meditation, yoga and Indian folk dance

The lessons are formatted such that students not only learn one of the most popular Indian classical arts but also learn to concentrate, improve hand-eye-feet coordination and gain confidence to show-off their talent on a stage.

In Bharathanatyam students will be introduced to Adavu (basic foundation involving hand and feet work) and Hastha Mudra (hand movements). They will then be taught various elements of Bharatanatyam starting from Nritta, followed by Nrithya & finally Natya. It is vital that the students aim to master each element before moving on to the next. This will reinforce the basics as well as ease the transition into the next level.

While meditation and yoga will help students focus as well as warm up, introduction to popular Indian folk dances, including Gharba-Dandiya, Bengali, Assamese, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Javali, etc; will give them a chance to enjoy the fun aspects of group dancing.

Dress code: Stretchable trousers & T-shirt or Indian kurta.

Carnatic Vocal Music

Vocal lessons consists of two sessions
1) 30 minutes of Carnatic Vocal Music
2) 30 minutes of Shlokas and non-classical Songs

Carnatic vocal music teaches the basics of musical notes (swaras), rhythmic beat (Taala) and singing in different speeds (kaala). The syllabus will follow a similar structure to carnatic vocal music which encompass sarali, hechuSthayi, mandraSthayi, janti, dhattu varisaigalu, alankaragalu to name a few. The students will learn geete, swarajathigalu, varnam etc as they progress.

The other session will include Vedic verses (shlokas) followed by a variety of Indian musical pieces like Bollywood, Devotional songs etc; will be taught. This session will enhance the students ability to modulate their voice as well as sing to a karaoke.

PS: Lesson format may change sometimes depending on special occasions such as festivals being celebrated or rehearsals for a show.

We are now a part of an accredited examination body for Indian Arts –  accordingly our students receive:

• Training for grade examination

• Training for external & internal performances

• Online practise material

Note for parents –

Parents are welcome to stay around during the duration of the lesson. Alternatively, please make sure your child is collected no more than 15 minutes past end of lesson, should you wish to leave them.

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