Our Vision

Our academy endeavours to provide students with a solid foundation in Indian Classical & traditional performing arts. We believe that the skills gained through our teaching format will enhance sense of rhythm, hand-eye-feet coordination & grace that will boost creativity & confidence on the stage.

Our Story

Dr. Lena Rai-Shetty and Esha Ramesh met at an event and very soon were able to complement their skills as a dancer and singer. They realised that they shared the same passion of imparting the valuable knowledge gained in classical Indian art forms during their rigorous training in India.

Meet the Team

Dr. Lena Rai-Shetty

Co-Founder & Director

Trained for over 12 years in Bharathanatyam under the guidance of Dr. Kalamandalam Usha Datar, Bangalore, India during which she has obtained distinction in the Indian board exams for Bharatanatyam. She has trained groups and choreographed for >20 years.

Most significant of her stage experiences has been performing to an audience of ~8,000 at the World Bunt Conference, Bangalore, Independence Day celebration event hosted by the Indian Army and National television.

She has taught Bharatanatyam in Hampstead, Harrow & Hillingdon since 2005. Her choreography for stage performances entails classical recitals as well as fusion of different dance forms often portraying various aspects of life.

Esha Ramesh

Co-Founder & Director

Esha Ramesh is an accomplished carnatic vocalist and has sung in various Indian shows with legendary singers like S P Balasubrahmanyam, K S Chitra and Manjula Gururaj. She started her music journey at a very young age learning western music at school and Indian carnatic music under the guidance of late. Sri T.V. Muttacharya.

She has sung in various Kannada serials, movie’s and performed at stage shows as playback, track & chorus singer. She has won many state level, Inter-school, Inter-collegiate competitions for both western and Indian music.

She teaches carnatic vocal, shlokas and non-classical vocal lessons to many students globally.

Next Steps…

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